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Thank you so much for your thought and effort this year, I have really deeply enjoyed our time together Vivienne Nov 2013

I have been having fortnightly coaching sessions with Julia for nearly two years. Julia has helped me to improve my core body strength, posture and general fitness.

I am delighted with what she has helped me achieve and I always look forward to my sessions with her as a real treat. She is always on time and fully engaged to give me her very best.

I did not want to spend my time in gym in town preferring to do the outside coaching and in her little private gym. This has been also a great advantage as I don’t have to rely on a gym for my daily exercise as everything I do can be carried out in the local environment. She is worth every cent of what she provides to her clients. 

I very highly recommend Julia Brooke for the services she offers”. Rosemary Rushford 2013

Before I started working with Julia I'd had an ongoing lumbar spine injury that would reoccur a couple of times a year. We've worked on strengthening my core and back and I have been pain free since I've been seeing her. The combination of targeted strengthening exercises and weights (which I'd never used before) has been brilliant. My personal milestone though is push-ups.I've gone from barely managing 1 to doing a set of 12! Amanda Brown 2013

Since i started seeing you i have lost 20 kgs (without giving up carbs lol) my current weight is 94 down from 114. The things that helped were increasing my protein, decreasing my snack food and regular exercise. The most important thing is consistency. Fi 2013

Mary Lewis 2012

After a number of years away from competitive sport, I had a challenge maintaining a regular exercise programme.  Julia introduced me to a new range of exercises to improve my everyday fitness.  This has been much more interesting than the sport specific weight training I had previously done.  Years of working at a desk required a focus on improving my flexibility which has also been a great success.

Over the last two years, she has helped maintain my motivation by regularly introducing new exercises and tailoring sessions to match my energy levels.  Julia is also prepared to be straight up if my progress to my goals slips.  I look forward to continuing the partnership.


  I will always be eternally gratefully to Julia for the life changing experience I am going through with her guidance. I had reached a point in my life where events were becoming overwhelming and I was struggling to see a way forward. Weight loss just was not happening, fitness was something I was allergic to, my work values and my employers values were on different tracks and my job was being disestablished with the possibility of redundancy. 

Julia enabled me to look at all aspects of my life and focus on the appropriate areas. With her guidance I was able to put things in perspective, deal with the situation and move on.

 Doing things 'outside my comfort zone' was never contemplated. That single statement put into action has truly enriched my life, and renewed my confidence. Parallel to this Julia has helped me achieve my fitness and weight goals with a few simple steps.

Thanks! Carol Patz 08

Julia is an extremely professional PT  with a wonderful empathetic manner. She does a quick diagnostic assessment to get you exercising exactly where it will make a difference. I so enjoy our sessions and being introduced to new equipment and exercises and most of all it is making a difference to my golf!

Paul Hodgson 2007 - 2012

“I have been working with Julia for several months now.  As a woman in my 40’s, and carrying the effects of a few old injuries, I need to work with a trainer with whom I can connect personally, and who has the professional competence and expertise to help me achieve my fitness goals safely. 
Julia is a great fit for me – she “figured me out” quickly and knows how to challenge and support me.  She’s got me doing things I didn’t know I could do!  I thoroughly enjoy my sessions with Julia and I look forward to a long and successful training partnership with her.” 
Justine Auton

I chose Julia because she understands my goals. I didn't want to be a super-fit athlete – just wanted to get stronger and more toned, and to lose a few of those pesky kilos.  Not terribly difficult goals, but I just wasn't making headway on them by myself.

Julia provides me with the motivation I need to continually challenge myself.  With her as my trainer, I have cycled 80km in the Taupo cycle challenge, and completed two triathlons.  And I am slowly but surely getting rid of those extra few kilos!

I look better, I feel better, and I'm healthier than I was a year ago.

Thanks, Julia - your support has made all the difference! Cathy Sneyd 2006 ongoing