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Addiction Tree

Addiction affects many more people than the addict.  We work with the addict but also with families or anyone affected by the effects of addiction.

I work in conjuction with addiction therapists. We work on the WHY and WHAT NEXT with a GAME PLAN to help those out of the addiciton nightmare.

We coach/counsel people with addictions and substance abuse. Using a unique blend of life coaching and addiction counselling/therapy strategies, we are having positive results and feedback.

We offer one on one sessions with individuals or families, seminars for corporates or a programme with Red Door Recovery.

Red Door Recovery is a new programme designed to treat problems associated with substance abuse and addiction. Methamphetamine (P) and alcohol  feature heavily.

After more than two years in development, the programme took on its first client group in April 2016

The programme has a strong focus on "wellness – mind body and spirit" for now and for the future. 
All clients need to pass an assessment for suitability and must have undertaken detox before they commence the programme. Most importantly, they must have a genuine desire to change.

Our first intake of clients say they have received a powerful and positive experience. Unlike many other programmes, we don't leave them once they complete the initial, intensive programme, graduates receive on-going support and professional counselling and coaching through the Red Door Recovery Graduates’ online resource. 

If you or you know of anyone who needs our help please Talk to me

Testimonials from Red Door Recovery - Addiction Recovery:

“Red Door Recovery was without a doubt one of the most useful experiences of my life. I learned to appreciate myself as a person and appreciate the love and support of the people around me.

 The staff at Red Door are the kindest, most understanding people you will ever meet and no matter who you are they will always make you feel welcome. The program has its difficulties and you will be asked some hard questions but it also has plenty of enjoyable parts too. Since the course tries very hard to cater to each clients interests there is something for everyone.

 After graduating from Red Door I have been freed from the ball and chain of addiction and feel as though I can achieve anything.”

(Male, 20 years, April  2016 programme)

“The team helped me rediscover the me I have been hiding from for too long at the bottom of a bottle.

Returning home with a smile on my face and a spring in my step, the real me looks forward to embarking on a new journey and embracing my family that have supported me all the way. Thank you for being there Red Door and trusting in me and my recovery.”

(Client, 59 years, May 2016 programme)

“We feel like we have our daughter back again. 
Our view is that the Red Door model most definitely reconnected her to herself then us. 
Thank you so much, I'm just enjoying the new direction in our lives.”

(Mother of client, May 2016 programme)


Tips to help with Addiction:

You need to Believe you can Change, there is a life beyond addiction

Create Space from the addiction, remove yourself from the temptation

Replace unhealthy behviours with healthy behaviours

Reduce the Cravings - wait 5 minutes all cravings pass

Get help Talk to me  Get results and change your life